How much can I earn?

In every job description we use wage scale that ranges from the minimum, the employer is willing to pay, to the maximum, he is ready to concede.

Why would I want to work with your company?

If you are planning to develop your career in the administrative field, it is good to have a long-term partner and counselor who can offer you a job that suits your skills and expectations and protect your interests with a potential employer.

How much time the recruitment process can take?

You have to register and pass English proficiency tests (up to 1,5 hours). Our evaluation experts examine your results and approve an interview (1-5 days).

Why employer’s names are not mentioned in job descriptions?

Following our WINWIN philosophy we support only qualitative communication. We have to make sure that your professional skills meet the employer’s requirements and the offered working conditions satisfy your demands. Then mutually beneficial communication can be established.