General director of a major regional developer needs a personal assistant


  • manage all business correspondence
  • fix all incoming and outgoing information, analyse all incoming and outgoing papers
  • search any information and data on director’s request
  • compose presentations and other business oriented docs
  • maintane paper flow
  • process and compose documents
  • provide Interpreting
  • provide written translations
  • plan chief’s working day
  • monitor Director’s orders fulfillment
  • organize business meetings and accompany chief
  • make minutes at the meetings
  • participate at negotiations on chief’s behalf
  • provide visa support
  • provide travel support
  • manage Director’s private issues
  • manage or/and monitor projects
  • manage administrative and support staff

Personal assistant to General director

Major construction company

The Employer is a major regional player in the area of housing construction. It is a strong and stabe presence in  the market over 8 years already. The company executes constructions  in the three most economically active Siberian and Ural  areas: Ekaterinburg , Tyumen and Novosibirsk. In the nearest future management plans to expand the geografy of business activity and bring the organization to the level of federal builder. The company relies on  comfort and quality accommodation at affordable prices, constructed with use of advanced technology and the best Russian and European experience.





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