General director of a major regional energy and thermo generating company needs a highly professional and responsable english speaking personal assistant


  • manage all business correspondence
  • fix all incoming and outgoing information, analyze all incoming and outgoing papers
  • search any information and data on director’s request
  • compose presentations and other business oriented docs
  • maintane paper flow via specific software
  • process and compose documents
  • provide Interpreting
  • provide written translations
  • plan chief’s working day
  • monitor Director’s orders fulfillment
  • organize business meetings
  • take minutes at the meetings
  • participate at negotiations on chief’s behalf
  • provide visa support
  • provide travel support, VIP tourism
  • manage Director’s private issues
  • manage and monitor projects
  • manage administrative and support staff



  • higher education
  • at least 2 year of relevant working experience
  • fluent English
  • PC and office equipment confident user
  • business ethics
  • paperwork management
  • trips (including private experience)
  • planning & time management
  • availability for overtime work

PA at a major regional energy generating company

Energy generating company

The Employer is a major regional energy generating company in Russia and one of the largest thermal enterprises in the world. It has been strongly and stably acting in the market for decades. The Company is extremely concerned about its development thereby currently involved in many construction and design projects for generating capacities in the Russia power industry. As growth is possible in a sustainable growing area the Employer executes its development with the assistance of the Russian Academy of Science implementing sophisticated energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies. This approach together with a goal-oriented corporate governance principles have already converted the company into one of the most attractive targets for short-term and long-term investments.





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